Below are testimonials written by fellow musicians, students and friends:


When I started lessons with Jeremy Williams several years ago, I was confident that my guitar playing would improve. However, what I didn’t expect was that I would get so much joy from the guitar and that I would not be so self critical of my playing. What has happened is that each time I play the guitar, my mood lifts.

Jeremy has also taught me not to place limitations on myself. This applies not only to music but to all aspects of my life. Jeremy is very passionate about music and this means that he very generous in the amount of time he devotes to my lessons.

~Maurice Crowley

Tall tree studios is an awesome studio set up in the bush at Eaton’s hill as soon as you get to the house you feel like you can really escape and let your creative energy out. I Have known Jeremy for over a year now and have been consistently getting guitar lessons from him and now also record music and my podcast out of his studio.

As a teacher his laid back approach along with his extensive knowledge is what has kept me there not to mention that he goes out of his way to make lessons creep out longer than payed for and the time he puts in for free after recording just for the love he has for music and helping other people realize their own potential while always having a laugh along the way. I recommend Jeremy as a teacher/ producer/ mate as someone who has shopped around a lot!!!!

~Kristian Freed

Well Jeremy honestly you blow me away with your vast array of gifted talents that you’ve clearly embraced and now passionately share them with the universe!

I listened to your CD ‘Falling’ within an hour of receiving it on Thursday as I drove to Brisbane for a session with Kathy and carefully listened to the words!  The depth and vulnerability you felt during each song was touching, moving and inspiring, your courage to be so vulnerable and raw enables you to reach the listeners own longing for truth and the pain we hold in our heart!

The video clip of ‘The Truth’ took me on my own emotional journey my eyes brimming with tears as my inner child swayed ever so gently to the nurturing rhythm of your music soaking and bathing in the words that I’m confident will capture many hearts for in essence we all ultimately are searching for the TRUTH at one level or another. 

Your musical gifts simply offer us an opportunity to experience it for ourselves if we too are willing to open our hearts and embrace the richness of the music, the words and the gentle soothing guitar lulling us and the humming voice of the angels!

I know it might seem strange that someone might feel this strongly about your music but I’ve grown up with music all my life as my parents were professional musicians for over 7 decades, yep their “Blue Ribbon Band” was still playing when they were in their early 80’s!  Mum has since past and I currently care for my 90yr old father!  Mum was a truly gifted pianist and dad was a self taught drummer and trumpet player!

Anyhow I have a great appreciation for all kinds of music however the music that reaches me most I would have to say is inspirational music like yours, that’s meaningful and thought provoking in its depth, honesty and beauty!  

I am a firm believer that when we speak from our heart (or sing from our heart) the potential for healing is powerful, it took me a long time to accept that I had an inner child yet more and more she dares to emerge but only at times when me the adult is caring for her and seeking connection and when she knows she is ‘safe’!

Your music makes this union/connection possible, it gives us a bridge in which we can meet and get to know each other that is safe, gentle, non threatening, soothing, nurturing and above all something we both share a love of and that reaches into our hearts longing for coming home to ones authentic self!

So it’s a great big “YES” if you feel that you’d like to use some of my comments I’d be thrilled because I believe the more people you can reach, the more people will then have access to your music and spread the word and share it with their loved ones and in no time at all, the hunger we all have for such ‘soul felt’ beauty in our lives will continue the momentum of your music for many years and decades to come!

I stand by my feelings regarding this so another YES I’m comfortable if you wish to use my name also for I wholeheartedly encourage and support you in your phenomenal passionate contribution to the universe!   I believe in you Jeremy and can’t wait for your next CD!

I am sincerely grateful for the continued healing I experience every time I STOP and take time out to soak up your music again and again and again!  I can’t get enough of it!  So keep it coming!

Bless you!

~Lorena Radford

I have been having guitar lesson with Jeremy Williams at Tall tree recording studios for the past 12 months. In that time I have found Jeremy to be extremely professional, patient and understanding. The calm setting at Tall Tree reflects Jeremy as a person. I would highly recommend anyone considering learning the guitar to give Jeremy a call. I am looking forward to my continued journey with Jeremy as my teacher.

I have also used Jeremys healing CDs. In moments of darkness, stress and confusion they have helped me clear my mind, focus on the positives, reflect and heal. 

~Debra Edwards

After experiencing a lot of domestic violence and abuse Jeremy helped me to overcome my fear, anxiety and self doubt through music therapy. Jeremy is very understanding and approachable and he coached me with sensitivity and kindness. I am continuing to see Jeremy for guitar lessons. I have already recommended Jeremy to family and friends and will continue to do so, and I look forward to learning guitar with his guidance.

~Kirsty James

Jeremy has helped a lot with breaking through the psychological barriers that come with learning guitar. His relaxed studio environment also makes it a great place to learn.

~Peter Bellars